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Personal Development:
Independence and Confidence

With increased skills and experiences in a variety of areas in life, our youth develop independence and confidence. Our youth understand their needs and build a tool box of activities that will help them be their best self. They are exposed to a variety of experiences, people, places, things, and situations, where they can feel confident to take on as emerging adults!

Critical Thinking:
Planning and Safety

Our youth enhance their money skills, reading comprehension, and safety awareness with our out trips and activities everyday. When we cook, we budget and go shopping together for the ingredients, then clean up after ourselves as well! Opportunities for youth to take on leadership roles are always present, such as reading the recipe, a map, or game instructions. To securely get to these activities, we can't neglect public transit and street safety!

Social Emotional Well-being:
positive peer relationships
Helping Hand

Our youth develop positive peer friendships with encouragement and guidance for healthy boundaries amongst peers and staff. Through the daily activities, there are plenty of opportunities to practice and put our social skills into use!

Post-Secondary Career or Education Path:
Purpose and Hobbies

There are so many activities and out trips for youth to engage in, challenge themselves with, and to remember with their friends! Whether our youth are finding their hobby or their calling, there is a niche for every participant in our program to flourish!

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